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Outbound Call Center Services

We provide best solution for your business

Lead Generation

Lead generation services offered by Promark Solution help businesses reach a wider market that the marketing efforts of businesses are not reaching. Our lead generation services are designed to cater to the business to business (B2B) markets as well as the business to consumer (B2C) markets.


Appointment Settings

An appointment setting call center is what you need if you must concentrate on the core competencies of your business, while outsourcing the task of setting appointments, order processing, help desk, technical support, customer service, chat support and other non-core business activities.


Cross Selling and upselling

Cross Selling and Upselling - Proven Skills for better business. Cross selling refers to selling of brand new services or products to existing customers. It is a proactive sales approach designed to enhance consumer knowledge with respect to products and services offered and thus convincing them to purchase.


Telemarketing Services

In today's world, telemarketing is used as an essential medium of communication in the BPO sector. For several companies, telemarketing has proved to be the most flexible and dynamic way to reach out targeted customers in less time.


Market Research and Survey

Promark Solutions offers a range of market research and survey services for helping businesses in collection of market intelligence, measure interest of consumers in product/service offerings, and gain actionable feedback at reasonable rates.


Product or Service Promotion

In marketing, promotion is advertising a product or brand, generating sales, and creating brand loyalty. ... Promotion is also defined as one of five pieces in the promotional mix or promotional plan. These are personal selling, advertising, sales promotion, direct marketing, and publicity.


Inbound Call Center Services

We provide best solution for your business

Answering Services

An answering service is a business service that basically answers telephone calls and conveys messages to the clients. The answering service from Promark Solutions is capable of doing this and more. We specialize in providing effective and accurate answering services that save time and cost.


Customer Services

Every successful business focuses on three elements of customer relationship management - customer acquisition, customer growth and customer care. Promark Solutions is a perfect choice to be your Customer Relationship Manager. We will help you to track the buying patterns of your customers, detect market trends and accordingly sell your product or services.


Direct Response Marketing

The process of direct response marketing is offered by an inbound call center. We help you broadcast your product and services through print and electronic media and also handle the customer calls. Our agents ensure that every call results in sales. Promark Solutions ensures that each incoming call is processed efficiently and appropriately by its call center representative.


Helpdesk Solutions

The help desk is the central hub through which problems and issues are reported. Promark Solutions provides tailor-made solutions to provide a superior customer service interaction and thus leveraging each customer relationship to the fullest.


Enquiry Handling

Inquiry handling is a key function for an inbound call centre. All inquiries of the customers are handled appropriately and the detailed information about a particular service or product is given. Promark Solutions has an inbound call centre that offers all information required for the customer to have a thorough understanding of the products or services.


Tech Support Solutions

Tech support is the central hub through which computer problems and issues are reported. Our certified engineers provide tailor-made tech support solutions in a quick and efficient way so that customers can enjoy greater peace of mind.


Back Office Services

Transcription Services


We offer comprehensive, qualitative, specialized & time bound audio & video transcription services for individuals, academicians, attorneys, medical practitioners & companies operating at local or global level.

Order Taking Services


Promark Solutions can play a supporting role in all your order taking services. We help in accurately recording and delivering the important messages that make your business run.

Billing and Product info


The skilled call center agents of Promark Solutions can be your customer's main information source for a particular product or service. We are specialized in providing technical product information to its callers.

Web Market Services


Promark Solutions boasts of a comprehensive web marketing services team. It ensures that we generate significant revenue for our clients and provide maximum returns on investment.

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